Keith Scribner

Keith Scribner is a recipient of Stanford University's Wallage Stegner and John L'Heureux fellowships and is currently a professor at Oregon State University in Corvallis. He has worked as a carpenter, mucked oil tankers in the Gulf of Mexico, driven a taxi in Boston and taught in Japan, Turkey, and New Jersey. His short stories have appeared in American Short Fiction and North Atlantic Review.

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Miracle Girl

"[Written] with a simplicity that mirrors the plot [and] demonstrates Scribner's solid, noirish accessibility and talent for detailed characterizations." - Publishers Weekly

"Keith Scribner's fascinating novel... explores how greed can compromise men of (supposed) faith. John Quinn is one such man, [who] reconnects with his faith--not just the kind that religion provides but also a deeper belief in himself, in others, and in the power of love to transform individual lives." - Washington Post Book World

"A smart, savvy novel that combines emotional insight with a surprising dose of humor and establishes Scribner as one of the best novelists working in the Northwest." - The Oregonian

"Scribner's urban comedy is spirited and often poignant."

- Baltimore Sun

The GoodLife

San Francisco Chronicle: "The literary love child of Truman Capote and Robert Altman."

Entertainment Weekly: "A thriller that stakes the chills on moral suspense -- and hits the jackpot."

The Baltimore Sun: "An exquisitely choreographed story of the banality of evil. Not since John Cheever's BULLET PARK has a novel so captured the violent vicissitudes of suburbia."

The Oregon Experiment

Publishers Weekly: "Each character struggles with the line between idealism and realism, and, to his great credit, Scribner avoids making the reader feel lectured to as he plays out his exploration of what happens when ideas and desires get put into practice."

Library Journal (starred review): "The award-winning Scribner can't resist a friendly dig at Douglas's radical movement folks through disgruntled Scanlon and Naomi, but these lighter moments never overshadow the genuine regard Scribner has for their commitment to life outside the mainstream. Excellent literary fiction with an occasionally humorous touch."

Booklist: "Thus begins the experiment, one of making a new life among Oregon's latter-day hippies and anarchists, learning to be parents, and discovering the rebellious spirit in themselves and the local population. Scribner's THE GOOD LIFE made quite a splash, and THE OREGON EXPERIMENT is no less ambitious, with rich characters and some amusing plot twists. The theme of the transplanted New York professor dealing with the strange ways of Oregonians may remind some of Bernard Malamud's masterful A NEW LIFE."

Bruce Jacobs, Shelf Awareness: "In his detailed, nuanced world . . . Scribner manages to create a contemporary story of the fiercely independent Northwest that nurtured the likes of Ken Kesey and his Pranksters and now threatens to destroy Scanlon and Naomi's precarious marriage . . . A rich and funny story of family tension and personal desire mixed with the idealism of radical political movements."

Brian Doyle, San Francisco Chronicle: "THE OREGON EXPERIMENT has many virtues—Scribner has a sharp eye for the complicated grace and endless capacity for self-delusion among our species, he makes the potential cultural and economic independence of Cascadia worth pondering rather than snickering at, and the attention to scent and smell add a lovely subtle layer of narrative . . . I am sufficiently intrigued by Scribner's storytelling skills to go read his other two novels."

Jennifer Tyler, Three Guys One Book: "The writing is charged, urgent, sensual to the core. Scribner's character development is so strong and convincing that spending time with this book has changed my sensory perception of the world around me. Through impassioned and acute writing, we don't just envision the scene in Douglas, we are there . . . I don't say this lightly: I'll be reading this book again within the year."

Anne Packer: "Keith Scribner sets his mesmerizing novel in the fascinating and little-known world of Pacific Northwestern secessionists, but it's the emotional lives of his gorgeously imagined characters that prove most anarchic. This is a thrilling, deeply intimate book by a writer at the peak of his craft."

Jim Lynch: "Scribner turns a wacky and radical fringe of the Northwest into an often comic and always sensuous novel with deft writing and palpable characters, including a woman who may possess the most powerful and discerning nose in American literature. THE OREGON EXPERIMENT is lively and provocative all the way to its enthralling climax."

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