Alexander Klimburg

Alexander Klimburg is a leading expert in the field of international cybersecurity, currently researching and teaching at Harvard University, where he is a guest lecturer on a course on "cyber regimes" with Prof. Joseph S. Nye. Alexander has been deeply involved in the topic of cyber conflict for over eight years and worked directly as an adviser for governments and international organizations - including NATO, European Parliament, a number of governments, FTSE 500 and investment companies world-wide. Working both as an academic commentator and as an adviser to governments and corporations, Alexander has been described as the "consummate insider" by members of the US State Department and former members of National Security Council and as "one, if not the, leading cybersecurity expert in Europe." As a dual-nationality Austrian-American, Alexander has worked with numerous think tanks across Europe and the United States, has been a guest speaker at international discussions and conferences (with over four dozen talks including at the Aspen Strategy Group, the US Congress, and European Parliament), has helped negotiate international diplomatic agreements, and participated in building prototypes of large cybersecurity defense systems. A "script kiddie" hacker since his teens, Alexander has concentrated on the role of non-state actors in international cybersecurity, and on how the advent of new technologies is encouraging the diffusion of political power away from governments. His book on cybersecurity is forthcoming from The Penguin Press.